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Jet Audio Plus VX (Fu (April-2022)




jitsu) sound driver also, it appears to be using /dev/dsp it's just that i can't seem to get the kernel to play any sound (like an mp3) mz_clea: are you using alsa? no mz_clea: how are you trying to play the sound actually, can't seem to get alsa to load, either and I'm trying to play an mp3, using vlc mz_clea: try gstreamer or pulse mz_clea: you need to run gstreamer or pulse i'm not using gstreamer. how would i get it to play an mp3? i'm not sure I understand what you're saying mz_clea: try using gstreamer or pulse ikonia: how do I know which is running, and how would I get the correct one to start playing? mz_clea: I'll give you a small examle mz_clea: open an application, tell it to play an audio file, then look at the process to see what has used the sound device, eg: I use gstreamer ikonia: it's just that pulseaudio says 'processing 1 stream' and vlc says 'no file', and alsa says it doesn't exist mz_clea: look at the process mz_clea: it's probably a fair bit more complex than that, but if you look for the process that is using it, you should be able to work it out ikonia: i ran pulseaudio -D and when i do ps aux | grep pulse I see several processes, but I'm not sure what to look for mz_clea: if you use lsof -n -P | grep -i pulse it should show you what processes are using it




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Jet Audio Plus VX (Fu (April-2022)

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